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When considering an investigative company, select an organization with experience, international connections, and with a solid reputation for success.

PRETEXT SERVICES, INC. offers a complete investigative and intelligence gathering network. Under the leadership of CEO Gary J. McDaniel since 1977, this privately owned, full-scale investigative agency provides discrete competent services.

More than twenty years of hands-on experience led to the development of its sister firm Pretext Data Services (PDS). PDS personnel provide cost effective alternative solutions in conducting background investigations with immediate and unrestrained access to the information highway and more than 15,000 worldwide databases. This methodology in gathering of intelligence through automated means, has allowed us to adapt to the changing times and claimant profile providing positive identification of case subjects, their address histories, residences, vehicles, vessels, corporations, employment activities, relations, acquaintances, litigation histories and facts required for claim verification.

Pretext support staff are routinely called upon to compile, organize and correlate documents into timetables, court exhibits and visual presentations.

Pretext Services has maintained a competitive edge, succeeding where others have failed, with a full scope of insurance oriented investigative services. Whether the case involves a catastrophic claim, background investigation, witness location or surveillance, we are in the business of providing that service.

Pretext Services, Inc., offers a complete intelligence network and full investigative services for both professional and private purposes.

The use of technologically-advanced electronic surveillance equipment and proven investigative techniques delivers indisputable results in the final determination of liability, culpability and negligence.

Pretext Service is affiliated with the World Association of Detectives. Through an intricate network, Pretext Services has the ability to trace and monitor cases on a national and international level.

Subsequent to establishing a solid customer base through referrals, Pretext Services has been involved in some of the most celebrated cases in the investigative industry.

Following the personal interview, the investigation will be researched and assigned to a Pretext professional with expertise in the circumstances of the selected case area. Pretext Services has an enduring reputation for resolving basic to the most complicated claims, background, and specialty investigations.

Each client is assured of prompt, individual attention. Pretext Services will provide a final investigation report comprised of electronic documentation research, observation, subject/witness interviews and relative information from professional sources.

Our associates include a consortium of seasoned professionals from the private and public sector. Unlike our competitors, the staff is not limited to law enforcement persons. Pretext employs investigative consultants from corporate and academic industries who are capable of resolving today's corporate problems.

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