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Antitrust, Acquisition & Mergers
At times, management or counsel may need to enlist the services of business investigators and forensic accountants. Our staff has the experience and resources to conduct highly sensitive investigation of this nature, which may include the gathering of political or industrial intelligence.

Our location in Palm Beach County, Florida is at the hub of global activity. Comprised of seasoned professionals formerly associated with the Intelligence, Military and Government Service communities, as well as experts from all areas of the industrial sector, the diversity of our staff is surpassed. Pretext competes in the global market in these areas:
- Aviation
- Construction
- Environmental
- Finance
- Insurance
- Labor
- Medical
- ISO Quality Management Systems
- Real Estate & Development
- Telecommunications
- Transportation

These industries have found our services in industrial security, investigation and the overseeing of ISO Quality Systems a solution to immediate and long term needs.

Counter Intelligence
It is the business of Pretext to provide clients a secure environment against corporate espionage in a technologically-advanced society where the theft of proprietary information is common place, For the benefit of the Corporate client, we maintain intelligence files on Black Market operatives and the equipment necessary to detect or prevent the electronic interception of client communications. Our associates are available to consult and provide a fire wall of protection against security breaches.

Employee Integrity
Statistics indicate that the greatest loss incurred by corporations is through employee theft. The prevention or detection of internal theft is the business of Pretext. Over the years, we have developed the know-how to resolve internal conflict, while protecting corporate assets and client reputations. It is our objective to provide a service that is compatible with corporate policy and Federal, State or Municipal regulations. Should the client be a manufacturer of goods, service provider, law firm, religious organization or a not-for-profit entity, Pretext will be responsive. In keeping with the trend of litigation, Pretext has specialists to handle investigative assignments in workplace matters involving sexual harassment, job discrimination, wrongful discharge, organized theft, embezzlement and intellectual property crimes.

Some of the more interesting and successful cases handled by Pretext include both internal and extrinsic audits by our forensic and investigative staff. To the not-for-profit organization, a published account of wrongdoing can be a devastating experience. If the situation arises, clients should employ the services of the Pretext team - investigative professional, forensic accountants and document examiners who can restore benefactor and regulatory confidence. These services, when provided within the confines of "client work product privilege," provide protection from public scrutiny. Should the client be a benefactor, organization or a trustee, our staff can conduct an independent review of the expenditures or services provided.

Forensic Accounting
Some call this unique investigative methodology the "new frontier" and many accountants make claim to having the skills required. The Pretext team has a combined experience of more than 75 years in the field. The team includes former IRS audit examiners, members of the corporate and private sectors, supported by a technical team of research assistants experienced in the creation of concise court-accepted documentation and visual presentations. In conjunction with in-house information and data retrieval specialists, Pretext is complete.

Franchise Infringement
Since its inception in 1977, Pretext has been called upon to detect or investigate franchise, copyright and patent violations in more than forty states and twenty countries. The gathering of intelligence and physical evidence can negate dealer complaints and provide a means to resolve internal disputes. It is often said that "Information is Power."

Historical Investigations
The gathering of historical information is often key to today's problems. Using proprietary methods developed by the Pretext staff, we prepare case subject dossiers, create time lines and compile court admissible documentation. Our foreign affairs and language specialist coordinate the retrieval and development of information abroad. This area of expertise has separated Pretext from the competition, particularly in high profile cases involving wrongful death claims, product liability or patent litigation where the damages claimed are often catastrophic.

Intellectual Property
The detection and monitoring of "bootleggers," who produce or distribute products illegally, is an area where Pretext is unsurpassed. We maintain a network of domestic and international informants who routinely provide intelligence. Undercover operatives are deployed by the firm to gather evidence at the request of counsel seeking to prosecute violators all within the confines of the "client work product privilege."

Institutional Medicine and Malpractice
The field of Medicine presents many challenges in the world of litigation and fraud. To meet these challenges, Pretext employs a staff with the related experience necessary to bring these investigations to a successful completion. Whether it is Patient Abuse, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, Malpractice, Internal theft or a controlled substance abuse matter Pretext can deliver the solution.

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