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To a litigator, the merit of a client's defense is often found in the investigation. The private investigator has the responsibility to provide a playing field of facts. It is the attorney's responsibility to review those discoveries and provide direction, upon reviewing the investigator's opinions and discoveries. They cannot underestimate the value of evidence, particularly if the accused shares some culpability. It is the business of Pretext to search for alternative interpretations of the evidence and/or develop evidence in support of a collateral defense. It does not matter if they accuse the client of capital murder, narcotic trafficking, conspiracy, RICO, fraud, embezzlement, or other crimes.

The Pretext team has available a selection of specialists to include experts of crime scene reconstruction, forensic science, document examination, audio/video recording authentication, enforcement standards and spoilation of evidence. Through years of experience, we have an acute knowledge of the tactics of enforcement and their shortcomings. Should a client be concerned about prosecutorial misconduct or the withholding of exculpatory evidence in pretrial or post conviction matters, our talents are an asset.

We understand the standards for criminal justice and the prosecutor's function. As professionals we look toward the rules of evidence for guidance and have a reputation for finding the "needle in the haystack" to provide aformidable defense and tactical advantage.

For education and training see Criminal Defense Investigative Training Council.

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