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How It All Began

In the mid to late 1880's, the U.S. Government and private industry engaged the services of private security persons and investigators to police and secure remote areas developed by the mining and railroad industry. The late Alan Pinkerton, considered the Dean of American Detectives, was engaged by the railroads and government to apprehend the James Boys bank, train and stage coach robbers before the Civil War. In addition to tracking down counterfeiters for the Government prior to the creation of the United Secret Service in 1865, these investigators became the foundation of the World Association of Detectives.

Since the earlier days of the Pinkerton staff of private investigators, modern technology has brought many changes to the methods employed by investigators. This is evidenced in the services provided by Pretext with a network of associates in more than 137 countries, 45 states, 15,000 databases and 21,000 on-line investigators. Now, more than ever we have control and access to foreign and domestic information.

Historically, the duties of detectives and investigators have often been misunderstood. In these times, their services are required by the private sector, legal and corporate communities as they involve themselves in investigative matters including, but not limited to

- Antitrust
- Asset Recovery & Protection
- Counter Intelligence
- Crime Scene Reconstruction
- Criminal Matters
- Data Retrieval
- Domestic Relations
- Embezzlement
- Extortion
- Forensic
- Fraud
- Insurance Claims
- Intellectual Property Theft
- Internal Theft
- Loss Prevention
- Medical Malpractice
- Missing Persons
- Patent & Trademark
- Product Liability
- Professional Sports
- Surveillance
- Witness Location

When employing the services of an investigative firm, clients should be aware of the business acumen, level of skill and ethics of the agency selected. Today's professional has a moral responsibility in accessing, processing or reporting of investigative discoveries made available through automated systems and information sources. We at Pretext promote a work ethic which clients can appreciate in the long run.

Pretext is proud to be an active member of the following professional organizations:
- American Bar Association
- American Association of Industrial Security
- Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
- National Association of Investigative Specialists
- World Association of Detectives
- World International Network

Florida License A0001147

Gary J. McDaniel
President & CEO

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