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Pretext Data Services (PDS) provides specialized data searches for professionals. Traveling the information highway, PDS has the experience and expertise to provide quick, accurate and cost-effective data retrieval. As a subsidiary of Pretext Services, Inc., a fully licensed investigative firm based in Palm Beach County, gathering information via integrated electronic data base resources. A cost-effective alternative to traditional investigative techniques, predicated on more than twenty years of investigative experience. The technical provider can compile a multitude of information often within hours by accessing more than 19,000 investigators worldwide and sorting through billions of pieces of data on the information highway. All information sources are carefully selected to assure confidentiality.

Services Provided
Public Record searches are conducted in federal, state, county or municipal court facilities wherein records are retained. Clients receive the repository's address, record cost, and/or any certified documents requested. Foreign documents, which include official public reports by government agencies, can also be obtained to include foreign periodicals.

PDS also offers a cross-reference of both domestic and foreign phone numbers by addresses and can provide neighboring addresses or specialized phone searches. Additional services; business profiles, individual dossiers to verify identity, address history, driver licenses, date of birth, vehicle ownership and individual or business assets. These searches can be conducted by surname or partial name to identify the whereabouts of individuals and other pertinent data. Scholastic credentials and/or professional licenses can be verified.

National or state judicial history searches are conducted through an index of public records on file in federal, county, state or municipal facilities that include tangible or intangible assets or property and include the traditional litigation search for criminal, civil, probate bankruptcy litigation.

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PDS Staff
PDS has acquired in-house staff for record retrieval in the Florida state capital; on-line West-law, Lexus and related professional searches tailored for the legal industry; the identification of experts in every field; specialty services for information with restricted access and counter-intelligence services.

PDS is comprised of a variety of associates with expertise in medical, correctional, legal and criminal investigative fields. Specific credentials are furnished upon request.

Electronic mail and fax messages can be exchanged with information seekers subject to the client's information software. For further information on Pretext Data Services, please call toll-free:

Pretext Data Services
PO Box 14613
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
Telephone: 561-845-1414
Facsimile: (561) 792-8085

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